Email Entry Process: Verification & Points Transfer Explained

What will happen after entering the email?

After entering the email, the following process occurs:

  • The entered email is checked in the system, and a verification/loading window appears.
  • Points can only be transferred to users registered in the system.
  • If the email exists in the database, a confirmation code is sent to the owner of the points.
  • A window appears on the page where Participant 1 needs to enter the code sent to the owner of the points' email.
  • After Participant 1 enters the code, the points are automatically credited to the email specified by Participant 2 and displayed in their personal account (referral) in the points window.
  • If Participant 2 is not registered in the system, this information is displayed, and Participant 1 is offered to share a referral link with him.


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