Earn Rewards with GnuVPN: Unveil the Main Rules

Main rules

  1. Participant 1 – inviting to the referral program
  2. Participant 2 - invited to the referral program
  3. Reward in the referral program is charged to Participant 1 and 2, after Participant 2 makes a purchase.
  4. If Participant 2, invited by Participant 1, purchases a tariff, Participant 1 will receive points. If there is no one above Participant 2, Participant 2 will not receive any points. Depending on the purchase cost, each participant receives bonus points. Participant 1 - 10% of the cost, Participant 2 - 30% of the cost.
  5. 1 point = 1 cent, for example,

Participant 2 purchased an annual tariff worth $36, in this case:

  • Participant 1 will receive 360 points, which is equal to $3.6 or 10% of the cost
  • Participant 2 will receive 1080 points, which is equal to $10.8 or 30% of the cost
  1. Participant 2 must make a purchase for both participants to receive points.
  2. Points are awarded to Participant 1 if Participant 2 is a new user who joined through the referral program and can also be awarded again if Participant 2 extends the subscription. Participant 2 does not receive points again if he purchases the tariff again.
  3. Participant 1 and Participant 2 receive points through automatic accumulation in their personal accounts after Participant 2 makes a purchase.


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