Best VPN for online gaming

GnuVPN offers high unlimited speed and provides a stable and secure connection.

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5 reasons why experienced gamers choose GnuVPN

  • Consistently low ping

    Thanks to unlimited freeway connections, GnuVPN provides high speed with no restrictions or interruptions.

  • Multi-platform compatibility

    GnuVPN supports various operating systems and devices. You can use GnuVPN on your computer, smartphone, tablet, and other devices.

  • Ease of use

    The GnuVPN interface is intuitive and easy to use, making it suitable even for beginners.

  • Large number of servers worldwide

    With access to servers in over 25 countries worldwide, you can stay updated on game updates and additions as soon as they are available. And if a game is not available in your region, you can always connect to a game server in another country.

  • Security and privacy

    Provides a high level of encryption to protect data, prevent leaks of personal information, and safeguard against cyber threats through the advanced SoftEther protocol.

Enjoy your favorite games with VPN

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of space battles, an incredible world of evil forces, create your own unique universe, or achieve victory with your favorite sports team. Enjoy gaming anywhere and anytime, reducing ping and playing with friends from all around the world.

  • Use GnuVPN for online gaming

    GnuVPN guarantees reliability and 100% safe usage. One of the most important criteria is also the stability of the connection without interruptions, which improves your gaming experience on different platforms.

  • Use VPN in cloud gaming

    Similar to streaming services, cloud platforms launch games using remote servers. This method allows you to enjoy various games without powerful gaming computers and consoles. You get access to a huge number of games using any device! GnuVPN will provide you with an incredible gaming experience on any cloud platform.

  • VPN for professional gamers

    The esports industry is rapidly growing and gaining momentum every year, so professional gamers are increasingly using VPN during games to improve connection quality, enhance security, and protect against cyber attacks.

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  • How does VPN reduce ping?

    Ping is the time it takes for your message to reach the desired IP address. Low ping means minimal delay, thus faster connection speed. High ping indicates a limitation in connection speed. The smaller the distance between the device and game server, the lower the ping. That's why VPN is the method that helps reduce the distance between your action and its response in the game. Connect to the nearest game server and improve your gaming experience.

  • How to use VPN for gaming?

    First, subscribe and download the necessary application on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Thanks to modern VPN protocols, users are provided with the highest level of privacy protection. Different versions of the product with basic and advanced functionality have been developed, various payment packages are available, and payment can be made using any popular marketplace.

Try a confidential VPN for Gamers

You can choose the most suitable plan from the offered. GnuVPN can be paid with any popular market, VISA/MasterCard is also available, and large number of users can easily pay with P2P/Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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