GnuVPN Referral Program: Earn & Use Bonus Points Easily
GNUVPN Referral Program

The referral program is a program in which participants can invite new users to use GnuVPN services and receive bonus points. Each point is equivalent to one cent.

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Invite your friends and earn points together!

To invite new users, copy the referral link from your personal account in the "Referrals" section and share it with your friends through any convenient method.
Types of rewards:
You are not required to make a purchase!

The referral program is available to all referrers who are registered on the GnuVPN website. Bonuses are credited to the referrer and the referred user only after the new invited member makes a payment for any plan.

How to earn bonuses by inviting a friend?

Send the referral link to a friend who has never used GnuVPN or to a friend whose previous subscription has expired. After their registration or renewal of a subscription, bonuses will be automatically credited to both you and your friend.

How to use points?

You can use points to pay for any GnuVPN tariff. You can also transfer points to any registered user in the "Transfer Points" section.

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"Referral Program Rules" section

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