Inside Your Personal Account: Referral, Balance & Support Features
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The personal account contains the following sections

  1. Balance/points earned from using the referral program:
  • Balance
  • History of accruals and write-offs of points
  • List of invited users (their email addresses) and points earned from the purchase by this user
  • "Contact support" button
  • Section with answers to questions about the referral program (FAQ)
  • Link to the program rules
  1. Referral program field, showing a unique referral code:
  • "Copy link" button
  • Field for the link that can be copied or shared


  • After clicking on the "Copy link" button, Participant 1 can copy it and share it with Participant 2 in any convenient format.
  • The system must identify invited and inviting users and award them bonuses according to the rules defined for the bonus accrual period.
  • Bonuses are only awarded when Participant 2 pays for any package.
  • Any registered participant can generate a link and invite friends.
  1. A separate section under the managing points obtained through the referral program, there is a transfer of points (a gift to another user):
  • The possibility to set or enter the number of points that one would like to transfer.
  • The field for entering the email to which the points will be sent.
  • There is a special window for entering points in the payment form.


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