Is Opera VPN Safe? Understanding Its Limitations

  • 2 min read
  • Dec 6, 2023
Is Opera VPN Safe?


When it comes to online privacy, choosing the right VPN is crucial. Opera VPN, often touted for its convenience, raises questions regarding its safety for sensitive data.

What is Opera VPN?

A Basic Overview

Opera VPN is a built-in feature within the Opera browser, providing users with basic VPN services without the need for additional downloads.

Concerns with Opera VPN

The Safety of Your Data

  • Data Encryption and Security: Investigate how Opera VPN encrypts user data and whether it meets the industry standards for security.
  • Privacy Policies: Examine Opera VPN’s policies on data logging and user privacy.

Comparing Opera VPN with Dedicated VPN Services

Understanding the Differences

  • Level of Security: Compare the security features of Opera VPN with those of dedicated VPN services like GnuVPN.
  • Functionality and Features: Discuss the limitations in functionality that Opera VPN has compared to full-featured VPNs.

Why GnuVPN is a Safer Alternative

Enhanced Security and Privacy

  • Robust Encryption: Detail GnuVPN’s strong encryption methods and how they protect sensitive data.
  • Strict No-Log Policy: Highlight GnuVPN’s commitment to user privacy through its no-log policy.


While Opera VPN offers basic services, its capabilities for securing sensitive data might not be sufficient. Consider GnuVPN for a more robust and secure VPN experience.

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