VPN Blocking Protection. How the Services created to bypass blocks are blocked

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  • Aug 23, 2023
VPN to protect your personal data

The Rise of VPN Popularity

These services have become the most popular for more than a year in connection with decisions were taken at the state level. When habitual sites, apps, and services stopped working, many users who had not previously known what VPN was familiar with tunneling.

And even though the bulk of the general public has no idea how it works, the main thing is that it gives the opportunity to apply the modern benefits of the Internet for each user without the need for special education and experience.

And everything would be fine and stable if it stayed the way it was last year. Users were able to see the following picture: a connection is made with the desired site or application, but after a couple of seconds the connection is broken. OpenVPN is now the target. It’s a universal protocol for any VPN service, that is, an integrated service. Distinctive features: its source code is open, and security is ensured at the highest level. And now it itself is blocked, and with it most of the VPN services that use it. And this is the TOP of the most popular services in our country, which now stopped working.

Situation of the VPN blocking

A new stage is the blocking not only of specific services, but the blocking of numerous services aimed at bypassing these blockings. To achieve this, controlling authorities require special state-of-the-art equipment that provides deep traffic filtration. And, as we can see, it is already in action and delivering the desired results for the respective authorities.

This description of the situation is simplified, as there are many other factors and processes involved in the blocking system. However, the main process is outlined for a general understanding: the existing resources and methods of blocking have been supplemented by the blocking of OpenVPN, which has worsened the situation and cut off access to essential services for many. And the key question here is: will VPNs still work? The answer is yes, they will work, but not all of them and not for everyone. Development is underway for any request, and today it already exists. However, not every VPN utilizes it. Next, we will provide more details about GnuVPN and the SoftEther protocol.

The Revolutionary SoftEther protocol comes to the rescue 

The GnuVPN development team is pleased to announce the launch of an improved new version of their app, offering users a number of unique features. One of the key innovations is the ability to configure connections to different servers using the SoftEther protocol. Users can now manage all their connections in the same app without having to use multiple VPN clients.

The most significant feature of the improved application is the use of advanced communication protocol. The developers put a lot of effort into creating such a protocol, which is difficult to distinguish from normal Internet traffic. This makes it almost impossible to detect and block the service. While most firewalls and blocking systems track VPN services, the improved GnuVPN program enhances its stealth, giving it an overwhelming advantage.

Now you don’t have to spend time switching between different clients or running multiple programs simultaneously. GnuVPN is a single tool with a user-friendly interface that provides all the features you need. The GnuVPN team is doing its best to provide users with a reliable security tool and comfortable surfing online. They strive to provide only the best and most reliable solution for their users. One of these is the multifunctional and innovative SoftEther protocol. The service uses the best data protection mechanisms against fraudsters and intruders. Thanks to the multilingual interface is comfortable to use all over the world.

As mentioned before, services differ in prices and features, but the number of people who find themselves blocked increases every day. GnuVPN has introduced a new protocol to address this issue. 

Before diving into the details, let’s remember what VPN characteristics are important for users and why a product like GnuVPN is optimal today. 

It is obvious that reliability is the main criterion for choosing a VPN service. The connection should work on all types of devices. It is desirable for the service to have an excellent reputation and a convenient and advanced functionality. Ordinary users often rely on expert recommendations when choosing a service because the technical complexity of concepts such as encryption and tunneling makes it difficult to have a clear understanding of what to choose. If you rely on VPN service reviews, your source should also be trustworthy. It should not be an article by a copywriter with snippets from the Internet about VPN. Specialists study services, analyzing their security, price, quality, features, stability, etc. Here is an incomplete list of criteria that experts rely on: 

  • Speed of operation. 
  • Communication with technical support. 
  • Security. 
  • Implemented functionality and its correspondence to the price. 
  • Stable connection. 
  • Clear and efficient management. 
  • Convenient payment methods for the service. 
  • Adequate price for the combination of the above features. 

A good VPN service should be backed by a well-developed infrastructure, have a sufficient number of servers, operate at high speeds, and guarantee technical support to customers around the clock. Some services met these criteria until recently. But, as mentioned before, the game conditions have become more complicated, and now a different protocol is required. So, it is logical that there are not so many services left on the market that can solve the problem under these conditions. We recommend paying attention to GnuVPN in its updated version with the new SoftEther protocol.

Even without being a network administrator, without specialized knowledge or experience, you can gain an understanding of the reasons for the emergence of new VPN difficulties and the methods services employ to counter them from our material. You can also learn who manages to do so successfully. Stay informed, draw conclusions, and don’t give up the advantages of internet surfing and working online due to increased control. Undoubtedly, the situation will continue to change, and services, including GnuVPN, will have to adapt to it, while experts will write new reviews. There is always a solution and recommendations for you on how to proceed!

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