GnuVPN - Safe Private Fast
What are the limitations?

GnuVPN provides its users with a secure and reliable VPN connection.

We don't limit the amount of traffic you use and we don't limit the speed of the servers.

You will get exactly the speed your current Internet connection allows, taking into account such factors as distance to the server, general development of Internet infrastructure in the country and location of the server, Internet routes from your provider to our server.

However, there are some restrictions on the use of our service that you should be aware of. We prohibit the use of our service for any illegal purposes. This means that you cannot use GnuVPN to access copyright infringing content, distribute viruses or other malware, or for any other illegal activity on the web.

We do not recommend that you use our service to download and share files which violate copyrights. This could lead to negative consequences, including fines and legal problems. To avoid these restrictions and get the most out of GnuVPN, we recommend that you use our service only for legal purposes and comply with the laws and regulations concerning the use of the Internet in your country. Be sure to read the Terms of Use.