How to work with GnuVPN referral program?

What is a referral program? A referral program is a program in which participants can invite new users to use GnuVPN services and receive bonuses in the form of points. Each point is equivalent to one cent.

When can I generate a referral link and invite friends? You can generate a referral link and invite friends at any time after registering on our GnuVPN website. If you are registering for GnuVPN for the first time, you can use a friend's referral link to purchase GnuVPN. In this case, both you and your friend will receive bonuses, where 1 point equals 1 cent ($).

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How can I invite new users to the referral program? To invite new users, copy the referral link from your account in the "Referrals" section and share it with your friends using any convenient method.

How do I receive bonuses for inviting a friend? Send a referral link to a friend who has never used GnuVPN or to a friend whose previously purchased subscription has ended. After registering it or renewing a re-subscription, bonuses will be automatically credited to both you and your friend.

How are points awarded and used? Points are awarded automatically. Points can be accumulated and used to extend subscriptions. Each point corresponds to one cent. The referrer and the referred user receive a percentage of the purchase value in points. The rewards and percentage of accrual may vary.

Is it necessary to make a purchase to earn points? If you invite a friend, you don't have to make a purchase. The referral program is available to all inviters who are registered on the GnuVPN website. Bonuses are accrued to the inviter and the invitee only after the payment of any package by the new invited participant. The invitee must be a new user who has never signed up with GnuVPN before, and points can be re-credited if the invitee renews by following your link.

What should I do if the points are not credited? If your points are not credited, please contact support through the following link email us. Provide a detailed description of your question, and our specialists will assist you.

How to use the points? You can use points to pay for any GnuVPN plan. You can also transfer points to any registered user in the Points Transfer section.

What is a GnuVPN referral program?


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