How to start using VPN? - GnuVPN FAQs
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How to start using?

  1. Register with GnuVPN. The first step to start using GnuVPN is to register on our website.

To this end:

  • Go to the home page
  • Click start button in top right corner
  • Enter the referral code if you register by referral link of your friend
  1. Confirm by e-mail
  • Then you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Confirm your e-mail¬†
  • In case the automatic email did not arrive, check the spam folder or try to register again.
  • Use one email. We do not provide bonuses and re-access to deleted accounts and re-registered users
  • Return to
  1. Pay tariff
  • After confirming the e-mail, choose a suitable tariff plan (you will have 1 day of trial period)
  • Then choose the appropriate payment method (We do not make hidden payments. To extend the service, choose your own tariff in your account and pay for it)
  1. Log in and connect to the server.
  • Connect to any of 24+ countries and servers or choose auto-connect
  • Click connect and enjoy safe and confidential online work!


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